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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

PR Wardrobe Contest: Update

Well its the 18 November. I'm about to go away for 4 days and I am still only half way there.

The contest finishes on 30 November and needs to have:-
Total pieces required: 10
4 bottoms
5 tops
1 topper
All tops must go with all bottoms, and the topper must go with all outfits.
Minimum of one print fabric must be incorporated.

Of that I have made 1 bottom, so 3 still outstanding, these will be trousers from a TNT pattern.
5 tops, I have made 3, so want to do two more, a print top and a navy top which can be a wrap or an over layer.
1 topper - lined jacket completed.

Looks like I have about 8 days to sew those 5 pieces, write reviews for them and take photos. Must check if I have to model them all as that's tough to do, as it takes extra time to mess about with the timer and tripod. Weather is terrible so all indoor shots I think.

However I am up to date with the current reviews already and have written a master review for the links to go in and entered it already into the contest.
(I am always gutted for those people who write the summary at the last minute and don't get it in on time, I guess they don't know you can do a stub and edit it later.)


Rhoto said...

"This "whirlwind" sewing doesn't make your nervous or take the fun out of it all??
I'm AMAZED at all you get done!! ;"
I posted earlier... ... THIS type of sewing INVIGORATES you, eh!! ;) ;)
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

SewRuthie said...

Rhonda, Yes it does invigorate me. I like a bit of a challenge.

Ann said...

I know you will get it done Ruthie. I admire you for that. I am still fiddling around with making choices for my retirement wardrobe. I have lost 39 lbs and really do need new clothes. Hmmmmm!