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Saturday, 7 November 2009

4076 Knot top

I've used the Simplicity 4076 knot front top before so it was easy enough to sew up.
This fabric remnant was absolutely the right weight for this and the knot works beautifully.

Alterations to the pattern:-
I have taken two tucks out of the front neckline of the pattern tissue, one just above the knot and another half way up the front neckline. I have also added a centre back seam, and taken the upper back neck in and the waist in. I swapped in classic tapered sleeves from a Butterick pattern.
To stop the neckline from stretching out I used 1/4" steam a seam lite (really a quilting product I think) which I ironed in place and then stitched.
It's still a low cut top but it makes it wearable.


Patricia said...

I would like you to decide you don't like sea tones and post it all to me.

kiltsnquilts said...

I have that pattern but have never made that version. I have been put off by the fact that the picture on the envelope looks as if the front is VERY low! How did you find it? I looked at your previous post about the same garment and it looks great on you - did you rais the knot? If so, how?

Jenni said...

Very nice. I can see how well that fabric works for the pattern and the colour is fab.