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Tuesday 28 January 2020

Jungle January - Red and grey rayon blouse - Prima Magazine May 2010

I wanted to participate in Jungle January.
I bought this red and grey animal print fabric from the fabric stall on the local outdoor market on a Monday. Its a very drapey viscose/rayon with no stretch.
I used the sewing pattern from Prima Magazine May 2010 as my starting point. I chose the top length but the dress sleeves. I used fold over elastic on the neckband instead of bias binding. I constructed in a different order and pleated the sleeves into the cuffs (which I made wider) rather than gathering them. I omitted the back waist darts, but cut the back with a centre seam.
Its a lovely soft blouse, which although I've sewn it in January should be great to wear to work on hot days in the summer.

Wednesday 22 January 2020

PR Sewing Bee 2020 Round 1: Sew a T-Shirt inspired by childhood

Here I am wearing the tee, in a self timer shot.
Inside shot showing the coverhem and overlocking on knit fabrics.
Inspiration: Childhood

It is 1977, I’m 6 years old and my mum has sewn me a red white and blue dress for the street party for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. The street was closed and we had tables down the centre of the tarmac, sandwiches, cake and jelly. I don’t have a photo, only a memory.

Mum sewed many clothes for me and my younger brother when we were children. Before my brother was born I would sit in her lap whilst she sewed at the machine. She told me I could stay if I kept my fingers away from the needle and just watched! When I was older she sewed in the evenings and I remember falling asleep to the sound of the sewing machine.

For my t shirt I’ve used my favourite T pattern New Look 6735. I’ve incorporated the red, white and blue of the original childhood dress and used a thrifty approach of using up small fabric remnants, which mum often did for children’s clothes.
The front was cut from a man’s teeshirt and then overpainted with fabric paints – I had a lovely time doing this, something very therapeutic (and childlike) about painting.
I’ve added a silver painted ‘77’ to indicate the year and 25 silver buttons for the Silver Jubilee (25 years).

(As a child I was completely unaware of punk which was also happening at the time, but note with interest that the distressed union jack with silver studs has a slightly punkish look)

The back is plain dark blue jersey and the sleeves are a rose on denim print jersey.

I constructed the tee on my sewing machine, overlocker and coverhem, using navy and white threads in different places as I didn't want a blue hem on the front or a white hem on the back.



Happily I got through to PR Sewing Bee round two (Results, though the next challenge doesn't get announced until tomorrow.

I didn't get past round 2 last time and I think it was because I sewn something fairly conventional and more creativity was desired. Anyway we'll have to see how it goes.

Sunday 12 January 2020

SWAP 2020 Tartan Trews Completed

Tartan trousers with black side stripe and waistband
Tartan matched across the pockets/front.
And across the back where I could.

These are based on New Look 6216 with the side stripe added.

I cut the fabric single layer to get the tartan to match. It's a fine fabric with high polyester content and it moved about a lot and frayed a great deal. The side stripe/waistband are from plain black bengaline.

Planning to wear these for a Burns Night event at the local pub!

Sunday 5 January 2020

SWAP 2020 Black Quilted coat completed

My first SWAP 2020 piece is complete.

 DBF calls it the Darth Vader coat when the hood is up.
It has patch pockets with a front curved edge.

The coat uses Simplicity 8467. I've made it 12 inches longer, and placed the fold line on the edge of the fabric and then bound it.
I also added some buttons/buttonholes to close it.