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Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Capsule wardrobe for casual wear in navy, rose and teal

I've been thinking about a Capsule wardrobe for casual wear, based more on things I have previously sewn and thought others might find it of interest.

Neutral - something you are happy to wear for trousers, ideally of a similar depth to your hair colour.

I'm going to pick Navy as my neutral and not be too strict about matching shades of navy.

For simplicity in this capsule I'm going to have all my bottoms as trousers and all in navy.

Navy pull on jeans

Navy yoga pants

Navy stretch woven trousers

A bit more variety in the layering pieces

Navy cardigan or hoodie

Rose Pink cardigan or jacket (a flattering pink for my colouring)

Teal cardigan or hoodie (a flattering blue/green for my colouring)

And then various knit tops in navy, teal/turquoise and rose. 

Trainers (running shoes) in plain black (as blue seem hard to find), a digital watch, simple stud earrings and a small silver pendant.

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

PJ bottoms

I threaded up my sewing machine and overlocker, first with white, then with hot pink, and made myself these loose fitting pyjama trousers based very loosely on the New Look 6216 trousers.
(PJ bottoms regularly wear out so new ones are needed).

In each case I omitted the pockets, generally cut them a bit wider (I like a looser fit for sleeping) and added a combo elastic and drawstring to the waistband (which come out of working buttonholes).

As you can see I went for fairly fun fabrics.

Far left - novelty polycotton with cartoon whales, sea turtles etc.
Centre left - novelty panda fabric (which didn't get used in the black and white quilt). This has stars for the waistband, and I think I might add them as cuffs too.
Centre right - hot pink sheeting remnant, far too bright a colour for me, but fun for PJs.
Far right - purple and green striped shirting. This is the from the remnant left over from a blouse I made in 2009.