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Sunday 8 September 2013

Animal print Buff style scarf

Again a home sewn copy of a purchased item, this is an attempt to copy a Buff, which is a sort of tubular scarf which can be worn in many different ways.
It is simply a tube of a size which fits snugly over your head and can be worn as a neck scarf, beany hat, hairband and various other ways. Very handy for travelling.

Friday 6 September 2013

Leopard print shoe bag

Latest quick make is this leopard print shoe bag.
The shoe bag is similar to the previous drawstring bag, except it is squarer and the drawstrings just go across the top (so it can't be carried rucksack style). It also has a line of stitching up the middle to separate the shoes from each other. This stitching doesn't go across the casing for the drawstring though.
I copied an M&S shoe bag my sweetheart had got with some shoes he bought as I thought it was a great idea and a bit nicer than plastic bags when travelling.
My walking shoes are in the bag in the photo and I think it'll be very practical as well as a whole lot more fun in leopard print!

Thursday 5 September 2013

Purchased mini wardrobe

Perhaps cheating a bit but I decided to augment my work wardrobe with a 4 part set of black jacket, trousers, skirt and dress plus two blouses, a bag and some nice wooden hangers.

I can't find the two blouses - one is white with embellished detailing, the other is a t shirt blouse style in ivory with an animal print.
I also bought some tights which suck you in, and have boots/shoes which I can wear to complete the outfits.

I shall then mix in my loud necklaces, bright blouses, boots, interesting scarves and etc to create more of a Ruthie style.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Elastic strapped ballet flats

I need to wear an insert inside my shoes, and found the lack of a strap across the instep in ballet flats made them unwearable.
Then I saw some RTW ones with an elastic strap across, and decided today to do something similar to mine to make them more wearable.
Here they are with beige elastic added to the shoe. I must admit it was quite fiddly to stitch on and doesn't look great if you look too closely, but with some brute force and a zipper foot I now have 3 wearable pairs of shoes which is fabulous.
I may also dye some plain white cotton socks with Dylon's Pebble Beige to wear with them, as this works quite well as a 'close to nude' colour for me.
I have two black pairs and a red pair which will get black elastic and be worn with black socks, but not today as i have some other projects to complete first.
These look quite good with pants which come down over the foot which is how I plan to wear them.
The animal print ones in particularly look good with my tan wool pants, and since both of these have previously been hard to style this is great!

Monday 2 September 2013

Drawstring leopard print bag

Another quick, but useful project. I copied one of sweetheart's drawstring sportsbags to make a different version for myself. The fabric is cut from an unused shower curtain bought from a discount store. It's 100% polyester and frays rather, but is great for these sorts of bags. I am planning a shoe bags and a smaller drawstring bag as well.
I really like how this came out. It is worth keeping an eye out for reduced shower curtains. The plain plastic ones I use as drop cloths when painting walls or as a table cover for other projects. And ones with an interesting print are good for laundry bags, shoe bags etc.