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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Purchased mini wardrobe

Perhaps cheating a bit but I decided to augment my work wardrobe with a 4 part set of black jacket, trousers, skirt and dress plus two blouses, a bag and some nice wooden hangers.

I can't find the two blouses - one is white with embellished detailing, the other is a t shirt blouse style in ivory with an animal print.
I also bought some tights which suck you in, and have boots/shoes which I can wear to complete the outfits.

I shall then mix in my loud necklaces, bright blouses, boots, interesting scarves and etc to create more of a Ruthie style.

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BeaJay said...

Not cheating to buy a nice quality mini wardrobe. You have made so many lovely clothes you deserve to buy some.