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Monday, 31 October 2022

Quilt Coat Completed


I've made a quilted coat!

If it looks familiar it's because I used the quilt, I made in March 2021 for the body and then quilted lots of extra bits for the rest of it.

I used these instructions for the log cabin block.

I used OOP New Look 6316 as the basis of my jacket

I made a test garment from some prequilted fabric rescued from an old mattress cover, laundered by worn. Based on this I altered all the pattern pieces, I did a high round back alteration to the back, a forward head alteration to the front, a slash and spread to make the sleeves wider and reduced the collar height. I didn't use the facing piece.

The original quilt was quite small, about 3 feet by 4 feet, so I used it for the body of the coat. I taped the front and back pattern pieces together and cut it out on the fold, then sewed the shoulder seams, trimmed back and covered the seam with a strip of binding. 

Whilst I was able to use the original quilt for the coat body, I made a new 2 foot by 3 foot quilted panel from which I cut the sleeves using the same log cabin tutorial. I only just had enough of the fabric used for the longest strips. I also made other quilted panels out of scraps from which I cut patch pockets and the collar.

Once I'd made the quilted panels I cut out and made up the sleeves and bound the seam. Inserted the sleeves and bound the armhole seam.

I made up and sewed on the collar and patch pockets. I covered the collar seam with binding.

I bound the outer edge of the collar and the bottom of the sleeves.

I added buttonholes, buttons and a drawstring casing.

I've entered this coat in the PR CopyCat contest and would love it if you voted for my entry when the voting opens.

Voting is now open at

Contest Photo Gallery (patternreview.com)

Sunday, 9 October 2022

Faux suede cardigan

 I used some burgundy faux suede to make this simple unhemmed cardigan jacket.

The pattern is from Prima Magazine February 2007. I made the longer jacket.

Saturday, 8 October 2022

A Sewing Machine for Lucy

It's my mother's birthday. My parents and aunt (mum's sister), uncle and cousin came over and we hosted a birthday lunch for them all. My aunt brought the cake.

Once we were all replete, we headed off to the garage to rummage through the fabric boxes.

My cousin M had spotted my rag doll Lucy, who lives in the sewing room and decided she needed her own sewing machine. We dug out various scraps for her project, and different fabric for all 3 of them to take away (my Aunt makes https://morsbags.com ).

Then we sat round in the sewing room, Auntie A on the chair, Mum and cousin on the futon. Mum was knitting, Auntie doing crochet and Cousin M sewing the scraps into a tiny felt sewing machine, complete with needle, bobbin, thread and stitched fabric. She does lovely hand stitching.

(I just bobbed in and out showing them various projects I had made, making tea and looking for things they wanted.)

Here's Lucy with her sewing machine

Here it is from the front - note the buttons for dials, 
the plastic fork prong as a bobbin and the grey fabric for the needle.
The fabric came from my scraps bin.

And here it is from the back, with the fabric behind having nice neat stitches.

We had a lovely afternoon!