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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Next project - Navy Simplicity 2603 Misses Knit Top and Cardi-Wrap

Simplicity 2603 Misses Knit Top and Cardi-Wrap

Not sure where the evening went to be honest. I got out my next project but decided it was too late to start cutting something so complicated (in layout at least if not construction).
However I established that my piece of navy knit from stash is 180cm wide (extra wide for some reason) and 3 metres long which is plenty for the long cosy but still needs the single layer layout. No idea where I shall cut out, I guess my usual space - a cardboard cutting board laid on a double bed - and I shall just have to keep moving the fabric to do each piece.
Hopefully there will be enough fabric over to also make a long sleeved version of the very cute knit top with a scooped neck which is also included in this pattern.
Hopefully cutting out will start Thursday evening when I get back from my work trip.

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