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Tuesday, 4 January 2022

2022 - A year of pink tops?

I love that Becky of Trial Balloons made 12 'white' shirts last year.

So that's inspired me to see if I can make 10 or 12 pink tops of some sort. As well as mostly pink prints, I may include others which contain pink.

I have the first two planned already (and have for a while)

A simple knit top in this beautiful floral jersey (right) will be the first. 

Followed by a blouse in the dusty pink linen (on the left.)

The colours have come out a bit brighter than they are in reality, camera overcompensating for poor light I suspect.

Back in July 2020 I went through my fabric and dug out all the pink ones I could find

The linen is bottom right in this earlier picture (and a more realistic colour). I used the white and pink fabric in a sweater set (see below), but the others are still available to me.

(I may need to count some previously made ones)

Last year I made this desigual jersey top which has a pale pink back ground.

So that would give me 2 for starters ;-)

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Cherie said...

I sure would do pink, lots of shades to suit everyone's coloring! These will look great on you!