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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Orange Camisole Top

Here's the ornage knit camisole top completed. Its lovely and soft to wear and was cut from all the scraps left from the other tops. I now have only one piece left which is larger than 6 inches square, so feel I have really made good use of this fabric.

 I have had to add a front waist seam as well in order to cut all the pieces out. This is a good pattern for using scraps as its in so many pieces.
I have also done all the hemming on the other tops which needed it. And added cuffs to the one with the embeliished neckline.

Interestingly, the best thread colour match I could find for this fabric was actually a really bright red, all the orange thread was too yellow. I suppose that makes this really an orange-tinted-red rather than orange. Anyway its a wonderful colour for me, which is good becuase I realised that out of 2 x 3 metre pieces I bought of this on different occasions I have managed to cut and sew the following which I thought was astonishing.
  • Crossover front top (later resized)
  • Knot front top
  • Cardi-wrap
  • Scoop neck top (with embellishment)
  • Cowl neck top
  • Camisole top


Sharon said...

A great looking Cami.

Wow to get that many different tops out of this fabric is wonderful and the fact that it is such a great colour for you can't go wrong. Enjoy wearing them.

JenSA said...

Great work Ruthie. You are my new sewing hero. You'll have your SWAPs finished in quick time.

sdBev said...


I also commented on SG about your terrific idea for using up those big 'ol left over pieces of fabric. But I also want to say, I'm impressed with the width of the shoulder straps. Those would definitely cover up my bra straps (I'm of the generation that thinks visible bra straps are tracky). This was such a great project on so many levels.