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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

'Decorative Dressmaking' by Sue Thompson

I ordered a used copy of 'Decorative Dressmaking' by Sue Thompson and it came today. Although some of her examples seem a little dated now she draws from many periods, and its a fascinating look at flunces, stripes, topstitching etc and the ideas could easily be adapted in a more subtle form to current garments. I think it could be a good way to present TNTs in a slightly different way.

I am quite tired today but will try and do just a little on the current trousers. perhaps even get them to that point where they can be tried for first fitting. One of those moments which can either be great or a total let down, will let you know how I go on.
Trousers are OK, not bad, not brilliant. they are relatively slim legged, and what I originally took to be high waisted turns out in fact to be on the natural waist. I suppose I have just got used to trousers sitting below the waist for the last few years so it looks different. Quite comfortable, though might let the hips out a little bit.
I put the partly constructed trousers down to change after trying them on and found the cat had curled up on them. She was not impressed when I moved them from under her, so I guess they have her seal of approval. She's less fussy about fit though as she only sleeps on the items and never wears them anywhere!


gwensews said...

I have that book and like it and have used it. The techniques can be used in our more modern clothing.

Anonymous said...

I just got this book too. Think it looks super interesting. Shall we have a little technique sampler pact?