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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Recent small projects: Leaf cushion completed

Some years ago I bought a really cool embroidered cushion cover, made from linen in the shape of a blue leaf.
It did not come with a leaf shaped cushion pad, hence the reason it was on sale.
I said to myself "I'll make one".

Some number of years passed and I moved house 3 times. Recently whilst looking for something else I found the cover, and decided I would indeed finally make the cushion pad, particularly as my living room currently has blue accents and so it would be used immediately.
I ironed the crumpled linen mess flat, pinned it onto a scrap of sheeting remnant and cut round it leaving a seam allowance. I sewed it up, leaving a small opening, stuffed with kapok stuffing, sewed up the gap and inserted it into the cover.
It took about 20 minutes all told. Hmmmmmm.
Anyway it is done now and is in my living room where I can enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

It always feels good to clear a job like that. The cover is lovely and I am sure it will look great in your room :)