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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Fabric shopping

I did a bit of fabric shopping this morning, though must admit I don't have instant project plans for any of them, however maybe something with strike me shortly.

1m of each of these quilting cottons, thinking bags etc, we shall see!
Print knit remants with a fault and a seam (basically the chunk cut out where the basic fabric was seamed and then printed over). Nice prints but will require careful cutting and seaming to make some little tees.
2m of this cotton print because I loved it so much, I want to make something for myself out of it, but am really not sure what. Maybe crazy pillowcases used with a plain white duvet cover, a laundry bag or PJ pants. I don't need that sort of print in a skirt as I am a pear shape.
It makes me smile though, so I will think of something. The pillowcases is my latest and current favourite idea as I could enjoy them on my bed and go off to sleep thinking smiley happy thoughts!


Linda T said...

I DO love that cotton print. Such happy colors!

kbenco said...

Some lovely things there, the knit prints will make very smart t shirts.
I love your final print too, pillowcases are a terrific idea.