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Sunday, 1 June 2014

How to improve your finished garments

Things I have found which make my garments look better are many, and I am always working on them, some of them are:-

- sheer years of sewing, you get better the more you do it

- pressing, press often whilst sewing to get a better finish

- appropriate fabric for the pattern, snoop shop higher end RTW and feel the fabrics, see how they drape, then do the same for your own projects. Also checkout sewing techniques in RTW and see what you can do to replicate them at home to have a more professional finish.

- fitting, worked out a few alterations which make my clothes just fit better. Tbh I have found this a pianful and frustrating journey, but I am doing better these days, but it has taken me years. I do have multiple fitting challenges though so others may not have the same issues as me. If you don't want to go there, choose things to sew where the fit is less demanding.

- colouring and personal style. work a bit on what flatters your colouring, body shape and works for your lefstyle. That way the things you make will look better on you and get worn in the life you actually have.

- practice on scraps on non clothing projects. Its boring but its better to practice a buttonhole on a mocked up placket made from scraps, and sort out the tension issues, how to use the attachment etc rather than have to unpick buttonholes from a tricky fabric. I also use the scraps to test tension on sewing machine and overlocker after rethreading etc. You can throw them out once the project is complete. Or make fabric bags and try pockets, closures etc on them to get the finish looking good.

- read up and prepare. Build up a library of sewing books and favourite online links which show a technique. Use these instead of the outdated approaches often given in sewing pattern instructions.

- its OK to have wadders and give things away. Its only clothing and there is no shame in chucking a project out or giving the result away. It may fit someone else better.

What other things do you think help improve the look and finish of garments you sew yourself?


Elaray said...

The mistake I make most often is choosing the right fabric for a project -- even after years and years of sewing. I need to do what you suggest: pay attention to RTW.

L said...

You've mentioned the two most important steps for me: press often and don't fear throwing something away if it doesn't work.