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Monday, 30 June 2014

Monday market marvels

well fabric goodies anyway.

On the local Monday market a chap comes up from Loughbrough with some really nice fabric and today I got these lovely knits.

Having sewn all those cushions from the flag print, I couldn't resist the chance to make myself a matching Tshirt to wear with jeans, though the print goes diagonally across the fabric which is an interesting look
And little scraps can be used with plain red or blue for some funky mix-it tees.
I got 2m of the flag print.

Next up my absolute favourite, this luscious animal print viscose jersey... doesn't it just make you want to purrrrrrr
I bought 3m of the animal print, would it be too much in a knot front dress or would my boyfriend just be very happy to take me out?

And then finally I got sensible, and bought this plain black cotton knit with some stretch which I thought would be great for lounging pants, especially since I just donated my drawstring track pants as they hit me across the middle of my tummy in an unflattering and uncomfortable place.
I bought what was left on the roll which was about 2.5m, maybe more and might try some trousers (pants) and the vogue skirt I did in the SWAP.


Jenni said...

Love the animal print. I am sure boyfriend would love to take you out in a dress made from tht, :)

Sheila said...

Pretty fabric. .. would love to see the t-shirt, that print is so cool.