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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Pausing to pack

I'm buying a house, and the chain finally got formed up, and has 4 houses in it, so not exactly sure how long things are going to take. Estimates are about 2 months from now so I have started packing.
I've started with books as whilst I want to keep them, I probably can manage without them for a few months. I am weeding out ones I don't want as I go, but am trying to avoid the temptation to re-read everything.
I have loads of interesting books particularly in the colour/style/sewing arena, and it will be fun getting inspiration as I unpack them at the other end.

2 sewing machines and maybe some other things are going to a support project which currently only has 1 machine, so that will encourage me to allow some things to go.

There may not be a lot of sewing going on!


Ann said...

Good luck in your packing. Starting early is wise as it allows you to sort, purge, and plan how you want things in your new house.

L said...

Good luck on the move, Ruthie! Packing and moving is always a chore. I send you good vibes for a smooth move. =)