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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Fabric covered coffee tin

I poured out some PVA glue to stick back a bit of laminate which was coming away from the Ikea table someone gave me when I moved into my rented place and was a bit short of furniture.
All the furniture just needs to make it to the new house and then some pieces may get retired/replaced.

Anyway I had quite a bit of glue left in the pot, so I watched a few U-tube videos on decoupaging things (with tissue, fabric etc). I didn't really like the messy look of most of them, so in the end cut a strip of floral fabric from one of the remaining Sanderson samples and used it to cover a large coffee container.
Although these look like they might be tins, they are actually very thick cardboard tube sections with a metal rim at the top and a metal bottom, and silvering on the inside of the cardboard, and I saved a few planning to do something with them like this.
Any ideas what I can actually use my floral container for? I am slightly stumped I must say. They have neatly fitting plastic lids, and no longer smeall of coffee at all.
I think I have 10 of these, so they could all get different floral covers, or I could branch out into other prints...


L said...

Perhaps you can use them to hold sewing notions. I just retired some plastic wares from my cupboard and will use them to sort out rickrack, twill, etc.

Jenni said...

I have one, not such a prettily covered one, which I use as a little bin for the living room as it is ideal for thread clips, ends of yarn and odd bits and bobs. Would also make a good holder for utensils in a kitchen, scissors in a sewing room , rulers etc in the study.