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Tuesday, 24 December 2019

No sewing but more fabric

I've not managed any sewing (other than a bit of mending) as I've been busy in the run up to Christmas.
However amongst the other errands I did manage to pop into the local roll end shop and pick up some more fabrics in the SWAP colourway.
Now obviously I won't use all of these but it gives scope for changing plans and wadders!

Left - lovely soft tartan fabric, will be skirt or trousers.
Centre - black denim
Right - lots of black bengaline, so useful in the wardrobe.

Left - Black with grey spots, beautifully soft.
Top - red crinkle knit with smooth back
Bottom - Black textured knit
Right - thick polyester ponte (the sort that kills needles)

Now these colours are in my palette though not my signature colours.
So I can wear them especially with a bright red lipstick

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