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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Dirty Denim Slim Leg Trousers

These dirty denim slim leg trousers are from the same fabric as the skirt.
I originally cut out some leggings from my TNT leggings pattern, but the denim only has a slight stretch so the result was very tight and unflattering to wear.
So I paused, cut out and sewed up the skirt, adding some extra at the side seams to allow for the limited stretch and had a think.

Then today I cut the leggings up the side and added a pieced panel in the side. I also added a waistband.
I now have a much more comfortable and wearable pair of slim leg elastic waist denim trousers. Not sure they are really jeans though.

I'm not quite sure if this will manage to turn into a SWAP after all as it is a bit random.
Here's what I am keeping in for the moment.

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L said...

Your SWAP is coming along nicely.