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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Possible Sewing With A Plan Storyboard

Here's my (initial) plan. we'll have to see how closely I can stick to it!

First column is the brown pieces
Brown cardigan jacket
Brown tee/top
Brown trousers

Second column is the teal pieces
Teal cardigan jacket
Teal tee/top
Teal trousers

The centre column is the tweed cardigan jacket, and something else from the scraps, a skirt if it works out but maybe a bag or waistcoat if it doesn't!

The fourth column is burgundy
a burgundy top which I already made
and a burgundy cardigan which I'll probably make next as the machines are all threaded so it sort of makes sense to!

The fifth column currently only contains one turquoise top, which adds the second accent colour.

As much as possible the plan is to make all the things from the existing fabric resources (of which there are plenty) but there may well be a few extra pieces too :-)

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