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Monday, 20 November 2017

More fleece (and velvet hats)

I enjoyed making the hats and thought they would make fun Christmas gifts for my various family and friends as well as a few for the charity craft stall, which might be as soon as 2 weeks time.

I've gone for 4 basic sizes

Large (ie fits an adult)

Medium (smaller adult/large child)

Small (child)

Tiny (baby)

and I just keep cutting Christmas stockings and whatever size of hat I can fit out of the various fabrics available to me.
I'm going to do a sober darkish blue next for the people who can't deal with rainbow cats.

If you are a family member or friend who gets a hat for Christmas, it'd be lovely if you pretend to be a little bit suprised :-) and if you really like it, tell me and you might get a homesewn something again. If you can't abide it, please pass it on to someone who would enjoy it. Thank you.


Sherry said...

Ruthie, I am a retired techie who had similar problems with dizziness. Mine was found to be associated with migraines and was helped by a neurologist. HTH Sherry

Audrey said...

The scraps from your teal velvet tops made great hats. I really like the one made from teal floral burnout.

Jenni said...

Nice hats. The teal ones are very smart indeed.