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Saturday 2 December 2017

Fleece Hats and Christmas Stockings

Here are some more fleece hats and Christmas stockings.

Some of these are for Christmas gifts and others are for the charity craft sale which is due to be next week.
 Fleece hats from a furry fleece blanket which shed furry bits during the construction process.
 Fleece stockings using the cat print fleece and some plain fleece.
 Velvet and cotton lined stocking.
 Blue fleece hats for those who don't like rainbow cats.
 Green fleece hats, including some in 'Monster' style.
 Cream fleece hats and a beautiful pink and cream lined fabric stocking.
 Blue fabric stockings, lined.
Sweater knit and fleece stockings.
Santa's workshop is stll going, but today may be the last day and then I need to get wrapping and posting them to recipients!

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