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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Coat ideas

I want to sew this coat from Prima Feb 2015.

I think the fabric requirements are somehow wrong through as it reckons 2.9m x 150cm wide fabric for the short coat but 1.7m x 140cm wide fabric for the long coat which I think is the wrong way round and the short one is too little.
The layout diagram has the belt piece running down the length of the fabric after the entire front and back, so I suspect the fabric requirements using this layout are actually 2.9m for the knee length coat and 2.7m for the jacket length coat.

I have two pieces of suitable fabric, both teal but slightly different.

One is 2.3m and the other 1.9 metres, so potentially I could mix the two, but I'm not sure if thats a good idea.
I could cut the side panels, sleeves and belt from the second fabric, or go more of a colour blocking route, where the bottom so much of each piece is the other fabric.
Of course I might be able to get it out of less fabric than they say, but it seems unlikely.
I'm going to add a lining also and have loads of a deep teal satin for that which will be luscious.

I have found a few images for ideas. none are exactly what I have in mind, but they give ideas.

Probably this bottom one is the closest as the colours are similar to one another and the colour blocking is in vertical rather than horizontal lines.

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