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Thursday, 28 December 2017

2018 Sewing Plans

I'm not much one for looking back at what I've sewn, so no stats and summaries here.
You can look in the sidebar for some of the items I've made in 2017.


No particular contests in mind at the moment though I probably will do regular seasonal collections along the line of the 6PAC (/https://ejvc.wordpress.com/2009/04/22/seasonal-sewing-collections/).
I like to pick a colour and sew several garments before chnaging to a new colour way and this works well with 6PAC sewing.
Although I have planned a SWAP, I find the timeframe too long, so will probably do two smaller seasonal collections instead.

I want to make a simple lined coat from this Prima magazine pattern.

Plus draft and add a lining for an existing boiled wool jacket which is scratchy to wear, and add a lining to a partially constructed jacket. None of these have linings as part of the garment originally but I think they will be so much nicer to wear with them.

In 2018 I want to have another go at trousers, using various patterns and what I have learned in the last year about my crotch curve shape.
I have Burda Fev 2010 #135 in progress.

Cardigan jacket
Develop a generic cardigan jacket pattern with dropped shoulders and band collar which I can sew both for myself and for charity. A one-size-works-for-many approach is what I have in mind.

RTW fast
The only challenge I've signed up for is the RTW fast, so I will not be buying any new clothes in 2018. However I can sew new items as well as wear the things i already have in the wardrobe.

Using existing supplies
I will try as much as possible to sew from the resources centre (aka the stash). I'll also try to use my leather scraps, beads, card blanks etc. as much as I can

Charity items
I am going to continue to sew and make items for the various charity craft sales. This also uses existing resources as much as possible, so I will be making more bags (as they've all gone) as well as some new things like wrapping paper storage bags and garden kneeler pads. I've also applied to a scheme which sews hospital PJs for sick kids but I've not heard yet if they want me. I might revisit candle making and try my hand at soap making.

Declutter and organise
Once again I'm going to make a concerted effort to declutter and oranise my sewing and craft supplies. I would love to find a meaningful place to donate things but don't really have anything at the moment.

What have you got planned for 2018?


sdBev said...

I found just making a concerted effort to use existing supplies, a great held in dealing the clutter. I do have a place I can donate unwanted craft supplies, but it is too far for you to consider. Good luck with your goals! I think you're being perfectly reasonable.

sewingscene said...

hi I really like the feb 2015 Coat pattern not sure how I can obtain the pattern from an old prima issue ?

sewingscene said...

Hi I would like to find a copy of the feb 2015 coat prima pattern. How could I find one as I really would like to make the coat thanks

SewRuthie said...

Sewing scene these are only available on eBay or similar as Prima do not sell their patterns online as per patterns.

beachcafe said...

Thanks I did find one on eBay!