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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Trousers for SWAP

These are from Burda Feb 2010 Plus Section #135 B.
They make them from trouser fabrics with a bit of stretch, so I  might size up slightly and make a test pair in non stretch woven fabric to see if that matters or not. I'll do the version without the buttons and turnups.

If you haven't got a Burda mag from 2010 and want to make them, they are up on Burda style for purchase for £3.99.

For SWAP I plan to make these in brown and teal.

According to the Burda size chart I need size 48 trousers, I thought the 42 were only slightly too small and it should be something more like 44 or maybe 46 but hey!


CAN I said...

I would suggest you compare pattern pieces to an existing pair or a reasonably fitting pattern before cutting fabric... I have been surprised in the past...looking forward to your progress, and thanks for sharing!

SewRuthie said...

Yes that's what i thought I would do!