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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Patterns and style

I did the quiz at Shoedazzle, just for fun and am apparently 'Refined, Cultured and Classic' which is a slightly interesting result. Probably because I picked the more wearable pieces and shoes.
I'm not planning to buy from them due to being in the UK, but its nice to have ideas.
On a sewing front 'Sew' magazine had a free Cynthia Rowley pattern, sadly my copy did not have the correct pattern included. Happily when I emailed complaining they very helpfully sent me the right pattern which arrived today. This was good customer service and made me happy!

Plus it now means I have both Simplicity 2250 and Simplicity 2281. I'm not much of a woven dress wearer, but perhaps a Refined, Cultured and Classic girl should have one or two......


Rhoto said...

Hello Ruthie!
Did you pay $39.95 for the quiz??

MushyWear said...

I've been tempted to pick up 2250. The jacket and dress are darling.

Ruthie said...

Rhonda, I paid nothing at all for the quiz, and intend to pay them no money ever.

Andrea said...

Hi Ruthie, I too tested as Refined, Cultured and Classic on Shoedazzle. I guess that explains why you have both the patterns I have. You should see my blog (www.sewtofit-andrea.blogspot.com, and patternreview.com for Simplicity 2281. I am working on 2250. I love woven dresses, as such they are my reminder to keep my gut in. Stretch clothes make me relax my pooch too much. Not to say I don't where knits, I just remember to where a waist cincher underneath.