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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sewing musings

Slightly random thoughts.....
I bought a leopard print shower curtain on sale, thinking to turn it into a shower proof poncho/raincoat - sure I saw something like that in a recentish Burda magazine.
I have several trouser/waistcoat combinations which need a VERY girly blouse to make them wearable for work. I'm thinking drapy fabric, gathered sleeve heads, ruffles or soft bow at the neck.
I have a forward head, broadish shoulders, chunky arms but slimmer torso - home sewn jackets don't fit well. Maybe I've learned enough now about my alterations for the forward head to try jackets again.
The jacket from Simplicity 2250 interests me because its simple, and should let me play with these alterations without being too frustrating. I always thought I needed a small bust alteration, but that seemed odd as I am a B cup. Turns out the excess fabric at the front was because of the forward head and not so much the bust, which was a revelation.


Karin said...

Using a shower curtain as fabric for a raincoat is genius! I don't think I've ever heard of that one before, but it makes sense.

Joy said...

Shower coat to raincoat! Great idea.
And isn't it nice to figure out fitting problems? A number of times, I've thought I had one issue, only to figure out later on it was something else.