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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Soft Autumn Fan

With the Soft Autumn Fan. I think I could wear some warm pinks and some more blue/green tones which are not on here, but generally I think its pretty good.
Here's a link to the original Muted with slight leaning to Warm done by Fabrickated.

In September 2015 Kate from Fabrickated draped me to see which colour season was best, you can read about that by clicking on the link above.
Kate wrote afterwards "You have quite a mixture of cool eyes, warmer lips and skin, deep hair and light skin, so you have all of these things going on to some extent. But the one constant was that muted was always better than bright."
After the draping Kate gave me a colour photocopy of a fabric fan which looked like this,
I've since lost it and so bought the above fan on Amazon from Germany as being the nearest commercially available fan - Soft Autumn is Muted and slightly Warm.

So its not as simple as the colour of your eyes which drive what colours work for you. Mine are green (green blue).
I don't know if Kate still drapes people as its a while since she did mine and I've not seen it mentioned on her blog.


Amy Bailes said...

Are you considered a soft autumn because of your blue eyes? Or how exactly did they determine your coloring. I have wanted a color wheel like that for forever!

Anne said...

Where did you get your colours done?