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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Wardrobe Musings

Wardrobe Musings

I love sewing co-ordinated collections, and I like to sew multiple garments with the same colour thread on the machines (sewing machine, overlocker and coverhem). If you read the blog much, you can see that from the sidebar.
However this approach can mean that when something wears out and its not the colour I'm currently sewing I don't sew a replacement garment and suddenly a colourway is trickier to wear as I have odd wardrobe holes.
I also have items for 'mending' or alterations which sit about in the sewing room for long periods of time.
In practical terms this annoys me as I'm not using the garments I have nor replacing the worn out ones. So maybe a bit more discipline is in order.

But sewing is a fun activity and too many rules make it less of a hobby and more like work.

It actually only takes a few minutes to rethread all the machines, so no idea why that's such a big deal for me.
I suppose the fact that my long navy cardigan (above) wore out and isn't available makes me more likely to pick an alternative, but sometimes I just want a navy cardigan (and this time with pockets please!)

Who knows what I will share next on the blog, because I don't think I do!!


KS_Sews (Dressmakingbacles) said...

When you need several things, batch sewing by color can be just the ticket!

I'm working on a dress that I swore had a navy background but it's actually black...No mind, I'm using navy thread and will sew my navy ponte pants next and then a top in a print with a navy background!

I think I'll move on to my ivory and black/white print tops next! :)

garnet128 said...

I love how you SWAP and follow through. I am not disciplined enough to do that. Funny what little things can keep us on track. Your not wanting to change thread equals big results.

Repairs are my bane. I will sew several new garments (that will take days or weeks) before working on a small pile of repairs that will take an hour or so. The repairs may be simple and it feels so good when done...so why do I put it off?

Soposie said...

This is exactly what I do ... sew by color grouping so I don’t have to change the thread in the machines as often. And it only takes about a minute to change the thread...! I waited over a week for my teenage daughter to try on a pair of blue pants for me to hem them, but did no other sewing because the next projects were a different color of thread. And then one day I get motivated to do repairs and I change the thread several times in one day. Really does not make sense, but that’s how it is!