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Saturday, 21 April 2012

SWAP Progress

The lovely Elizabeth has posted her SWAP progress, so I thought I would do the same. I have paused in my sewing labours, as I have just run out of topstitching thread - most annoying so here is my report.

SWAP 2012 Angled Poise

1.    Drape Front Cardigan, black and white sweater knit, based on New Look 6735 View A with draped peplum. (CARDIGAN 1) - DONE

2.    Scoop neck knit top,  black and white sweater knit, New Look 6735 View B (KNIT TOP 1) - DONE

3.    Multi length skirt, black ponte, Rhonda’s All Points Skirt (SKIRT 1) - DONE

4.    Scoop neck knit top, viscose print jersey, New Look 6735 View C (short sleeves) (KNIT TOP 1) - DONE

5.    Drape front cardigan, black ponte, based on New Look 6735 View A with draped peplum. (CARDIGAN 2) - DONE

6.    Knot front dress, viscose print jersey, New Look 6071 (DRESS 1) - DONE

7.    Knot front dress, black ponte, New Look 6071 (DRESS 2) - DONE

8.    Pull on pants, black ponte, Burda 12/2007 #127 (PANTS 1) - DONE

9.    Curved seam jeans, black stretch denim, Burda 9/2004 #106 (JEANS 1)

10.    Scoop neck blouse, red crinkle viscose woven, Prima June 2010 (BLOUSE 1) - CUT OUT

11.    Multi length skirt, red ponte, Rhonda’s All Points Skirt. (SKIRT 2) -PLANNED

I've also made a red dress and a red knit top, but as I already have two of each of those they are extras. Once SWAP has completed I will make up a red ponte jacket from Vogue 2989, but don't want to rush to do this before the deadline.


pdiddly said...

another one with a huge amount of garments - good luck int he contest.

RhondaBuss said...

You've put together a great wardrobe.

Dixie said...

Wow, you've made such good progress! Glad to see you're on the track to finish on time. Of course, you always do! I like your fabric and color combination!

Unknown said...

All the best for your swap ruthie.