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Monday, 5 December 2022

SWAP Sewing With A Plan

I've set up a new blog as a mechanism to save and share information relating to Sewing With A Plan (swap-sewingwithaplan.blogspot.com)

It's not an ideal format but it is online and viewable by anyone who is interested.

If you have any scans of the original articles from Australian Stitches, I would love a copy. Please email me at sew dot ruthie dot style at zoho dot eu

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Julie Culshaw said...

well done Ruthie, if anyone got the SWAP concept, it was certainly you. You always coordinate your projects and I enjoy seeing the different wardrobes emerge.
SWAP is a smart idea for either sewing or purchasing clothes, and you have definitely succeeded in doing it for yourself. Thanks for keeping it alive! Julie (of Timmel Fabrics)