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Thursday, 24 November 2022

Felt Polar Bear hanging decoration


I made this felt polar bear hanging decoration from a Trimmits kit.

I pretty much followed the instructions except I used one of the pompoms as a tail instead of stitching them to the end of the scarf.

The instructions are quite vague but perhaps that is to cover the different ways people might want to make up the kit. I decided to sew everything, using my own red and pink thread for the scarf and cheek.

But someone could just use the blunt plastic needle to do a running stitch round the edge through the large holes, draw the face on with a pen or pencil, glue the other bits on and call it done.

I have traced round all the pieces and kept the instructions so if I want to make my own version from felt I can.

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CAN I said...

This is so very cute! And great idea to copy the pieces do you can make more…