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Saturday, 7 February 2009

making muslins - test garments

I've never really been one for making muslins (test garments in muslin fabric) but I have a few in my future I think.
I bought two HotPatterns and Jenni gave me one of hers and not being familiar with their sizing at all I am going to give them the muslin treatment (they do recommend this).
I also want to try a jacket from a Burda WOF magazine.
I don't have any muslin but thought I could use some of my ultra cheap fabric and an old marked duvet cover etc etc for this purpose. I think the fabric needs to be a similar weight to the final garment fabric.
I'll read up on it a bit and see what you are supposed to do, and then make mine up and take them with me when I see Jenni at the end of the month, Hopefully she can help me a bit with the fitting.
I would love a classic blouse that fitted me as I can't buy ones that fit as I seem to be all different sizes in the arms, shoulder and mid section.

So muslins coming for
HP 1051 Plain & Simple Everyday Pants
HP 1052 Classix Nouveau Great White Shirt
HP 1047 Vintage HP Miss Moneypenny Pussycat Blouse

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