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Friday, 17 April 2009

Burda Trouser Jeans completed

The Burda Trouser Jeans with butterfly embroidered pockets and teal top stitching are completed.
The photos are here.

These use the same basic pattern as the previous wide leg trousers. I've used a lightweight denim (black and ivory weave) and added classic jeans back pockets (traced from some RTW) and embroidered with butterflies in shades of teal as well as some top stitching in teal.

I kept a faced waist (hand sewn underneath) and an invisible centre back zip for a more flattering line about the waist/tummy areas as the usual bulk jeans add here is not something I want :-)

Not entirely sure that someone with a large derriere (like me) should have bright turquoise butterfly pockets, but they make me happy.


gwensews said...

Nice pants! And the butterflies are wonderful!

Arielle said...

Your trouser jeans are awesome! In fact the only drawback I can think of re:butterflies on butt is the fact that people will be looking at your behind.

Just write it off as admiration for your workmanship!