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Monday, 25 June 2012

Singer 99K

I've not been to pick up the 185K yet, but I have bought a 99K in the meantime for £30 which I thought was a reasonable price. It needs a good oil and something for the rust spots as its been in a shed for some years apparently, but isn't it beautiful?

These are the accessories that came in the little black box at the side. A foot pedal is also included but I've not taken a photo of that.

I've looked the serial number up on the Singer site and this one was made in 1941, making it 71 years old :D


RhondaBuss said...

Some of the old accessories work so much better than the modern ones. Enjoy your find.

Dixie said...

What fun! I hope you enjoy working with this machine.

Sewing Geek said...

Beautiful, Ruthie. Now you just need a few more accessories, like a buttonholes, and you are set.

Tami said...

My daughter uses a 99K, she loves it and it sews better than her Berninas.

Patricia said...

Be very careful Ruthie! Buying these oldies can become addictive. Either that or you will find they breed in your absense.

zippiknits said...

Oh Ruthie, that is just lovely. You have a great machine. I had to quit collecting old Singers, as there are so many to have. it's addictive.. hehe