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Friday, 17 August 2012

Bernina 800DL: operator problem

About 2 years ago I bought a Bernina 800DL from the lovely people at Jaycotts.co.uk.
I used one on a course and was amazed at how much quieter it was than my old Janome 134D.
It worked great for a while and then I had trouble keeping it threaded, I moved house twice and got divorced in between and went back to using the noisy old Janome becuase it was just too hard to work out what was up with the Bernina.
This last week I went of on holiday with extended family, and Jaycott's was about half way on the journey, so the Bernina got to take a little holiday to North Wales, and having prewarned Noel I was coming I stopped in on the way back today and explained the problem I had with it.
It turns out the problems were all down to operator error and the Bernina was fine, despite all the mean things I've been saying about it.
Noel showed me carefully how to thread it and found me some paper so I could write some notes to remember his tips. He then demo'd it doing a perfect stitch, left the thread in for me and sent me on my way.
So I would like to say a huge thank you to Noel at Jaycotts, for sorting out the problem user, and 800DL, I take it all back, and have some great sewing planned for you for this autumn/winter.

I never did finish my Olympics sewing, and keep banging my legs on the living room furniture arrangement, so the machines are all going back into a reorganised sewing room, so the armchair can get out of the doorway.


pdiddly said...

I know the feeling exactly - I had the same issue with my Babylock , converting it from serger to cover stitch.

Judith said...

Well, it is back in order now ready for you to whip something up. Just speak nicely to it...

Katharine said...

Hi Ruthie, still it was a great idea to motivate yourself to produce 2 garments for autumn during the Sewing Olympics! :)

velosewer said...

Phew. That's all it was. I'm so glad this is a story with a very happy ending.

Jenni said...

Oh I'm so glad you've got it going again. All overlockers seem to be very fussy about their threading but once they are happy, they will just run and run.
I hope you have many happy hours with your lovely Bernina.
And, as Judith suggests, do speak to it nicely.