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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Recent small projects: Boiled wool jacket completed

I finally finished the hand sewing on the boiled wool jacket. It fits nicely but sadly will not now get worn until the Autumn, so will get packed away for now.
The main hem and the sleev hems are finished with handsewn herringbone stitch. Not quite sure why I chose that, but having started I decided to finish it off.
The front is closed with 5 lots of chunky black hook and eye closures, carefully handsewn.
So this will be great once the weather gets cooler again about September, and it is really good to have the project completed!


Dixie said...

This jacket looks really nice. It will be a great addition to your work wardrobe!

Jenni said...

Looks great... and even if it is going into the winter pile.... at least it has moved OFF the "must finish" pile so thats a good thing.

kbenco said...

It looks very smart, yet casual, which is a great combination. I have some boiled wool that I bought in a fit of extravagance at the end of last winter, so you are inspiring me to unearth it from the back of the fabric cupboard to see if it survived summer without any small hungry visitors...

Anonymous said...

Whilst we can hope for a fabulous summer there may be days this lovely jacket can be worn - but how nice to know that you have it completed ready for autumn!