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Monday, 9 June 2014

Dress Alterations

I took a lovely RTW dress which had a very shallow boat neckline which was uncomfortable on me and altered it to be a modest V, still high enough to showcase my favourite bold necklaces, but now not uncomfortable across my throat.

steps for this alteration:-
Put the dress on and roughly mark the new desired neckline, then unpick the stay stitching on the lining, turn inside out and press the neckline seam flat.(I must say that even in good light unpicking the stay stitching was very difficult and took me ages).
Next measure the markings you made earlier and adjust if required, add tailors tacks.
Add strips of interfacing to stabilise the new neckline.
Stitch and trim. Apply Fray Stoppa to the notch.
Turn through press and topstitch (as it is a completed fully lined garment you can't understitch without taking the garment apart).
I then also added a godet to the back lining and centre back skirt to allow walking room.
And you have a much more wearable dress. It did take several hours though, so shows why I put off doing such things. At least I will actually wear it now, which is the main thing.

When trying on garments in the changing room, try sitting down in, especially in trousers because you may find your weight shifts a bit. Also pop out of your little cubicle and stride up and down a bit. Then pop back in and reach for something on a pretend high shelf. If the garment still works in these situations as well as when standing looking in the mirror, you are good!


Rose said...

good tips - Thanks!

Ripple Dandelion said...

I'm impressed by how you were able to alter the neckline to suit you better. You are so right--these alterations take quite a lot of time, but I can well imagine that the neckline now is much more flattering.

Good points about trying on!

Jenni said...

Great save and definitely worth the time taken to do it as I am sure you wear it a lot more now. I must admit I always do the bending and walking about thing on the odd occasion I try on rtw. Particularly jeans as I go for Second skin fit usually.