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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Green and white wave print knit top

This is a polyester slinky fabric remnant. The print is pretty full on. Will have to see how comfortable it is to wear in practice.
Due to the limits of the fabric I had to cut this version with elbow length sleeves and a slightly shorter hem.
The sleeves are slightly gathered at the top, and the fit is quite good.
This one would definitely be ok for work, whereas the two floral ones are a bit more weekend.
This uses the body from New Look 6414 View C and the sleeve from New Look 6735 cropped to elbow length.

Elizabeth suggested a white cardigan would complete the set, but sadly the fabric for smething like that is packed and the boxes are taped up, so that part is probably not going to happen!


Linda said...

Pretty green and white fabric!

Jennifer C said...

Lovely fabric :)

Jenni said...

Very smart print. Looks as though you will get a lot of wear from this one. Agree about a white cardigan ... once you liberate it from its box in the new house.

Zippi Kit said...

That is a beautiful little top!