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Friday, 29 August 2014

Red Silky Loop Scarf

A good proportion of my stuff is packed into stacks of cardboard boxes, but the house purchase is part of a four house chain, with the almost inevitable delays due to paperwork and holidays, so I haven't moved yet.
Most of my sewing room is packed but I left the main machines out (with their boxes waiting nearby) in the hope that I might manage a few small projects.
One of these small projects was a piece of tomato red silky fabric, which I thought would work well as a loop scarf. These have all the edges enclosed so are great for fabrics which are prone to fraying.
The piece of fabric was 45" wide (selvedge to selvedge) but only 20" long, so limited the size of the finished scarf.

To wear this style
  • pop over head as per hanger and wear loose as a plain loop
  • double and wear as a very full scarf around the throat (looks good in a shirt neckline)
  • knot the end of the loop so it finishes higher up
  • secure the end with a sarong buckle or brooch

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