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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Woven linen tee

I bought a sewing magazine which came with a copy of New Look 6217. What a great looking pattern.
I decided to use the woven tee (View B) and a strange T shaped remnant of navy blue linen from the scraps bag to make this.
 I've had to piece the upper front to get it out of my rmnant also the back is cut on the cross grain but the front is cut on the grain. I have just serged, turned and topstitched all the hems, including the neck, and in this stable fabric that has worked very well.
This is one of those garments which looks better on a real body. I was quite impressed with the shaping in such a simple little pattern. I am going to make loads of these in my size, keep the ones I love and the others will be on the May stall.

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Linda T said...

Good use of your scraps. That looks like a fun pattern! and free is even better!