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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Charity Event

I had a stall at the May Day Carnival on Bank Holiday Monday selling my sewn bits and pieces for the Stroke Association. I took along a few of my SWAP pieces which I loved a little less, and 3 of them sold (I charged £5 each) - the aqua crinkle skirt, ivory angled hem tee and navy ponte cardigan.  (all to different customers)
I also sold cushions, bags, draught excluder, bunting, denim change pots and other items.
I took a few smaller items into work this week and now have made £120 so far which work's charity scheme will match.
I am now almost out of stock so will start sewing bits and pieces again and given the unexpected interest at work will have a table there one day in a few months time.
I enjoy doing the items for charity as I feel I am using my skills to give back a little, but in a way I can cope with, and avoid any tax implications of people paying me, so its a real win-win.
Sorry no photos as I didn't take a camera and then found my phone battery was flat. However you have seen everything I've made at some point if you've been reading the blog over the last year or so.

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