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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Jungle January : Leopard print tee

I'm not quite sure how one joins in with Jungle January, but here's my attempt to do so.
I've used my usual favourite knit top pattern, New Look 6735, and lengthened the sleeves by 4" to make them long sleeves.
I think this is a leopard print. It is maybe not that easy to see but the background is off white rather than cream or tan and the print is taupe and dark brown, so a less obviously warm toned animal print.
It is a very fine jersey print which I handled with great care, and avoided any stretching in the wrong direction. There was a section of fabric without the darker colourway, that went into scrap filling as it didn't look good at all.

The fabric was pulled from the remnant bin at the local roll end shop on Saturday afternoon, so its been in the stash under a week which is good.
This is the same bin from which I pulled the navy marl print I used for this top. Which I love and wear a lot.
However its also the same bin which provided the fabrics for the magical shrinking stripe top and the magical growing ribbed top as well as various fabrics which ran in the prewash etc, so very much hit and miss, at bargain prices. Hoping this one is a hit.

There seems to be a navy grouping, a neutrals grouping and a duck egg blue grouping. I have plain bottoms planned though not yet sewn so maybe it'll be OK?


Anne said...

I have a top which I love which is regrettably beginning to show its age, after many many years. This reminds me of that. It's also animal print.
I don't join in jungle January but here's a link: http://prttynpnk.com/category/jungle-january-2/
I hope that's helpful

SewRuthie said...

Thank you Anne.