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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Red collection: red sandals

I fancied some red sandals to wear with my Red Collection, so I bought these:-
Heeled Red Sandals for wearing with skirts.
And also these Flat Red Sandals for more casual outfits/wearing with trousers.

I already have several different red bags and a giraffe print bag with red accents which work with one or both of the pairs of sandals plus many red necklaces and several pairs of red earrings, so I am now covered from an accessories point of view.

Next up two more red tops before I switch over the the stripe/print ones.
Remember I will not wear an entirely red outfit, but these will liven up the taupe and navy from SWAP.


Jenni said...

Great sandals. Particularly like the heeled ones as the detailing is really cute.

Bonnie @ sewplus.blogspot.com said...


Anne said...

I like these sandals, particularly the heeled ones.

Cherie said...

On the sad red top, some fabrics sag a lot. And should probably be cut with negative ease. But all your red pieces look wonderful, and showing the items they'll be worn with was fun! And great sandals! Love them both.

Hellotmf said...

Where did you get the heeled sandal at the top? I can't find it online... thanks!