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Friday, 5 August 2016

Wearing the Palazzo Pants from GBSB from Stitch to Style.

Here I am wearing the Palazzo Pants from GBSB From Stitch to Style.
These are a size 18 and I think the extra leg width has been overdone for this size.
I have worn them and they are fairly comfortable but feel too much fabric, what do you think?

I have some extra fabric so am thinking anout what I might sew next, or even if I need to do something else with these trousers as I am concerned they are too wide.

- carry on wearing them even though they are too wide as they are fairly comfortable.
- shorten them into culottes.
- turn them into a skirt
- recut them into a slightly slimmer leg trouser with a yoke or wider waistband
- cut new trousers from a burda pattern and cut skirt/jacket pieces from the old wide trousers
- throw them in a box and ignore them for several years.


Lynn said...

I would actually say that the slacks look too big overall. They really did overdo the flare. Maybe slimming down the leg would be more flattering -- it would be easy enough to just baste a new side seam and see if the look becomes more balanced.

BarbaraShowell said...

I don't think the legs are too wide. I think palazzo's are just a hard turn from skinny skinny skinny skinny that have been worn everywhere for too long. I like 'em.

SewRuthie said...

Hi Barbara, I wanted to wear them for work (they are in a pinstripe suiting) so they feel slightly too much. I have some casual purchased palazzo pants and although also wide they are all about an inch narrower than these ones.

JuliaRu said...

I've sewn pants that felt too wide-why do they look great sometimes and then other times feel enormous? anyway, I would try slimming these down. The red top looks great.

Eva said...

I guess Barbara is right- it might be just that we are used to much slimmer legs. I would try it with slimming them down a bit. If then you feel they are not right you can turn to the last option and wait for fashion to move into wide legs.

Eva said...
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