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Saturday 30 December 2017

Fabric and Sewing Goodies for 2018 Projects

I had a quick trip out to Economy Fabrics near Chesterfield, just off the M1 Junction 29. (Seriously its so near the junction its worth stopping for half an hour if you are going up/down the M1). There is free parking outside and in a car park a short distance away.
It wasn't very busy which was good for me (on a Saturday it is normally quite busy) and I picked out a few fabrics at £2 per metre, plus interfacing, wide elastic, opening zips and ribbon.
Light levels are a bit low so the photo has not come out very well. Apologies!
Top row (wovens)
left - red and white tweedy fabric for a jacket of some sort
right - pink and brown tartan with applique details, a very unusual fabric, a jacket or skirt?
Centre (haberdashery)
left - turquoise ribbon (sold by weight), and two open ended zips for jackets
centre - lots of interfacing in black and white rolled on a roll for me, 2m of 2" wide elastic.
Bottom (mostly knits)
far left - teal, brown and tan print knit for a top
centre left - teal and brown stretch lace for a top of some sort (sheer sleeves, lined bodice).
centre - a stretch woven fabric in plain brown, hopefully for trousers
centre right - teal and tan tie dye style knit, again probably a top
far right - a lovely sweater knit in burgundy, grey and cream (although it reads as pink), cardigan, will need care on hems.

Hopefully I can sew all of these up during 2018 and really make a good use of my purchases.

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Bonnie @ sewplus.blogspot.com said...

Love your fabric choices. Can't wait to see what you are going to create. Happy Sewing!