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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

La Maison Victor - issue 3 2018

I bought La Maison Victor Issue 3 2018 in English in WH Smith's.

On the back it says "in this issue" and shows 12 patterns however inside there are only 8. I was a bit sad as I was interested in the Fez trousers. The other 3 missing patterns are children's ones, so not a big issue for me but could be annoying for a mum in a rush choosing from that back page!
Any idea the best way to make La Maison Victor aware of their mistake! (I think the English language people get a cut down version, and these didn't make the cut).

Edited to add. I sent them a message via facebook and they are going to make the 'missing' patterns available on their website somewhere.

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Kathryn said...

I've just posted a comment on their most recent instagram post of the Dubai Dress (which I am definitely making up for the summer!) to ask about the Fez trousers so hopefully they'll let us know.