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Saturday, 7 September 2019

Autumn Collection Plans

Technically Autumn doesn't start until 23rd September but 1st September onwards is often classed as Autumn, plus the weather has cooled and I've changed to a slightly warmer duvet (though not yet put the heating on) so seems practical to start planning Autumn clothing.

I'm thinking Deep Purple this year as a slight variation on the Burgundy and Berries I've done for recent years.

From EJVCs original plans
Skirt or trousers (neutral)
3 blouses/tops (1 to match, 2 to complement)
1 Layering top/cardigan (to match skirt/trousers)
Jacket (co-ordinating neutral)

Then in 2018 EJVC changed the plan slightly to
The basics of autumn:

  1. A jacket or cardigan in your neutral colour.  This layer sets the tone for the whole collection, so think it over carefully.
  2. A second lighter layering piece in either a tone of your neutral or your colour- cardigan sweater or shirt for example, or unlined jacket.  Autumn is tricky, it’s nice to have layers in two levels.
  3. Two tops – one neutral, one in the colour.
  4. Two bottoms — in two tones of your neutral.
I do try to sew 6 pieces but not always exactly as suggested.

So far I have

A dark purple merino RTW sweater.

A plain dark purple jersey. This will be a top.

Some scraps of the floral fabric from B's dress. Which might be enough for a skirt for me if I am very careful with single layer cutting.

Some dark grey stretch woven (bengaline?) this will be for trousers.

A plum coloured cable throw which will be cut up into a long coatigan.

A length of purple/various hounds tooth jacquard which will be a jacket or light coat.

It will be a lot of fun!


Carol in Denver said...

MMM! Pretty colors!

Sewing is my happy place said...

Looks like a great capsule. I'm looking forward to seeing the coatigan especially.

Ann Brodsky said...

Nice selection! Love the houndstooth fabric that you found. The coatigan also has my interest piqued!