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Sunday, 12 January 2020

SWAP 2020 Tartan Trews Completed

Tartan trousers with black side stripe and waistband
Tartan matched across the pockets/front.
And across the back where I could.

These are based on New Look 6216 with the side stripe added.

I cut the fabric single layer to get the tartan to match. It's a fine fabric with high polyester content and it moved about a lot and frayed a great deal. The side stripe/waistband are from plain black bengaline.

Planning to wear these for a Burns Night event at the local pub!


Alison said...

You have done a great job of pattern matching. .. I'm impressed. Enjoy your new trews!

Audrey said...

Well I had to look up trews and Burns Night, but I now know that those lovely plaid (tartan) pants are perfect for a Burns night. I really like the addition of the stripe down the side.