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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Charcoal and white stripe waistcoat

Charcoal and white stripe waistcoat in progress.

Still needs buttons and buttonholes and the side seams of the lining hand stitching closed.
However I am very pleased with it.

There will also be matching trousers with pockets and back zip, which are cut out but not sewn up yet.

The fabric is interesting becuase as well as the black grey and white in the weave of the fabric, there is also a copper thread which just add a bit of a glint.

Changes this time include. Tuck out of front neckline, slight addition at hip at bottom of the sides and little lined patch pockets just large enough for a blackberry.

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Jenni said...

Very nice. I am so glad that Mr B is going to get a nice new home. :) :) :)